How many Gunung Berembun are there?

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Gunung Berembun Summit


From our knowledge, there are three Gunung Berembun in Malaysia. Yes, mountain with the same name but located at different state.

It can get very confusing if you are unsure which one we’re talking about. The one we’ve recently updated on Share My Hikes is Gunung Berembun located at Cameron Highland.

Hiking in the Cameron Highland region feels different from the other hikes in Malaysia. Probably due to the higher altitude which makes one more comfortable with the cooling weather.

We recently hiked Gunung Berembun via Jungle Walk Trail 3. Get more information about the trail, how to get there etc at the link below.

If you are in Cameron Highlands, we will also recommend hiking Gunung Jasar, the information can be found in Share My Hikes.


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