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Standing at 1696 meters high, Gunung Jasar is located in the town of Tanah Rata at Cameron Highlands in Pahang, Malaysia. Gunung Jasar is marked as Trail 10 in the Cameron Highlands jungle trekking guide.



By Car:

The GPS coordinates to the trailhead are N4.47248 E101.37027 (google maps), which leads to Oly Apartment for parking space. The trailhead starts inside “Tan’s Camellia Garden”, which is located to the left of Oly Apartment with a huge signboard saying “Tan’s Camellia Garden”.

By Bus/Coach:

It approximately 1km from the bus station at Tanah Rata to Oly Apartment.



The trailhead is located inside the “Tan’s Camellia Garden”. A white bungalow will be spotted and the trailhead starts from the path located on the left of the bungalow. The hiking distance is approximately 1.8km and it takes about slightly more than an hour to reach the summit.

Besides a little navigation is needed to find the trailhead, the trail is relatively well marked with signboards and some instructions left behind by fellow hikers. Do note that trail 11 is closed (updated on 3rd Oct 2015) due to blockage of the trail by the fallen trees.

Nearing to the summit, an electric tower will be seen with a 180 degrees view of the Ringlet town and Bharat tea plantation. The summit is marked by 2 square stones and a signboard “Gunung Jasar 1696M”, which is about 5 min away from the electric tower.

Time(approx.) Height Lat(deg) Long(deg) Description 
 START1445  4.472494 101.370458 Carpark
 2mins 1443 4.472792 101.369784 Enter Gate
 3mins 1452 4.47303 101.369273 Turn Left
 4mins 1447 4.473128 101.368488 Small homemade signboard. Take right trail.
 10mins 1481 4.474739 101.366025 Signboard. Split between Trail 10 and 11. Take Left to stay on trail 10.
 22mins 1645 4.477424 101.361857 End of Forest.  You will see electrical tower. 360view here.
 5mins 1696   Summit


No parking or permit fees.



Police Station(Tanah Rata): +6 05-4915443
Hospital: +6 05-4911966 & +6 05-4912085
Fire Station: +6 05-4911003 & +6 05-4914044

Tourism Office
Cameron Highlands Tourism Office : +6 05-4914560




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