How I Started Hiking?


my mom and dad at Gunung Tahan - 1979

Hiking Kid

I am an 80's born kid that come from a family of hikers. My parents were hikers and it is through hiking that they were introduced to each other. So my elder sister and I were already exposed to hiking at a very young age. At the age of 3 or 4 years old, my parents started to bring us to Bukit Timah Hill on the weekends. If you have been to Bukit Timah Hill, you will know that there are a few trails to the summit. Being the adventurers, we always took on the challenging jungle trails, climbing up rocks, crossing over fallen logs and getting our shoes muddy. Growing up, my sister and I were not one of those *privileged* kids with lots of toys or those who go to play or eat out often. We lead a fairly simple life. Hence, from the memory of my childhood, this weekly Bukit Timah hiking activity becomes like our weekly family outing.

So that was my first exposure to hiking. Back then, being so young, i am definitely not mature enough to understand that i will like hiking so much. I just didn't mind hiking and getting my once-a-week soft drink treats after a morning hike. 

*take it as a form of expression and by no means a complain. Anyone born in a family where there is safety, shelter, food and love is a privileged kid.



my sis and i at Bukit Timah Hill - 1989 maybe?


Somewhere between my primary school years, for reasons no one can remember, we stopped taking weekly hiking trip together as a family. I stopped hiking completely and focused on what kids and teenagers usually do, (e.g school work, playing computer games and doing sports etc). This break from hiking lasted for about a good 10 years of so, whereby I actually completely forgotten about what is hiking.

Re-finding Love

Fast forward ten plus years later in 2004, through a random invitation from my sister to join her on a trip to Mt. Orphir, I went hiking for the "first time again" and fell in love with every minute of that experience. I don't know why but I remember feeling "at home" when I stepped foot into nature again. Perhaps, I just love the feeling of being able to escape from the city. When you go into nature, it gives you a feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world; that nothing else matter except for the things in the immediate present. And by soaking in the present, all your city life stress, worries and thinking out are left out allowing you to truly relax and sinking into nature. I also like the bonding that hiking creates. While being out in the mountains, all external distraction are removed. No TV, iPad or handphones. It is just you, yourself and the accompany of your friends so often, this forces us to interact with other people, creating bonds and making our friendship stronger.

These are some reasons why I love hiking so much and it keeps me motivated to hike more. I would love to know how you started hiking and why do you love hiking so much? Free free to leave a reply below.


my friends and I at Gunung Tahan - 2005

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