How to Start Hiking?

After a few thoughts on why go hiking, you now want to know how to start hiking. Here are some pointers for you on selecting which hiking trails to start with.  Begin with some local parks in your area, such as the Bukit Timah Hill, Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve or MacRitchie Treetop Walk, etc.  Choose one […]

Decathlon Moving Out Sales

This info just appeared on my Facebook feeds a moment ago. I thought it was not too long ago that this store just opened? Anyway, i do hope that they are just moving their premises to a new location. It will be really sad if they are getting out of Singapore.  FB Post Link:

Bukit Panorama Trekking for all

Sungai Lembing used to be a rich and thriving tin mining town up until the 1980s where tin price collapse and the pit mines were closed due to high operating cost. Today, Sungai Lembing for the adventurers means 4WD rides, Rainbow Waterfalls and Bukit Panorama trekking – a 30 to 45mins hike to a panoramic […]

Why Go Hiking?

  There are many reasons as to why we go hiking. But here are the 3 simple ones that we believe in.   1. Keep calm & hike on.   You never felt more at peace than in the nature. It forces you to focus on being present in the moment. You’re more mindful of […]

Bukit Tabur

Take care my friends while hiking Bukit Tabur.   Bukit Tabur is a unique hill formed by a quartz ridge. Therefore, the terrain is mostly rocky surfaces with vertical cliff drops along the sides of the route. The view is rewarding for a relatively short climb which attracts a good number of hikers during the weekends.   While it is […]

What is Hiking?

  Many people who never hike before think that I’m hanging from some rope down a cliff when I said I’m going hiking. For the record, I have never done that for my past 12 years of hiking.   Instead, I would like to describe hiking as – put your left foot forward, then your […]

5 Things About Gunung Datuk

5 interesting things about Gunung Datuk: The location is named after Dato’ Perpatih Nan Sebatang. The locals believe that long time ago, the mountain used to be a place where people gathered and selected their leader. It’s 885 meters. Ranked 220th place in Malaysia’s highest peak, but it is the highest in Negeri Sembilan. There […]

Pelepah Waterfall

Situated at Kota Tinggi, Pelepah Waterfall is only 1hr away from JB. Thus, a popular & accessible waterfall among Singaporeans. This waterfall will involve you to climb up & down or sideway on the boulders, as part of the route. As a big part of the route requires you to hike by the river bank, there are […]