How to Avoid Getting Lost While Hiking

Getting lost can happen to anyone when you are in the outdoors. You think that you are on the right trail only to suddenly realize you haven’t seen a trail marker in over an hour. And when you try to retrace your steps to find your way out, you find that everything begins to look […]

Gunung Baling Hiking

While randomly browsing Instagram pictures of fellow hikers, i came across the hashtag #gunungbaling and was stoked to find these beautiful pictures.   Gunung Baling is a hike located in Kedah, which isn’t one of those nearby hikes where we can just head over for a weekend. Kedah is 700+ km away from Singapore, and even if you drive […]

Three Thing I Learnt About Myself While Hiking

To those who have never hike before, one may think that hiking is about going to a particular destination, for example: climbing up a particular mountain. When one experiences hiking first hand, you will soon realise that hiking is a journey, a process and often, an opportunity to discover, understand and learn more about yourself. […]

How I Started Hiking?

Hiking KidI am an 80’s born kid that come from a family of hikers. My parents were hikers and it is through hiking that they were introduced to each other. So my elder sister and I were already exposed to hiking at a very young age. At the age of 3 or 4 years old, […]

Layering For The Cold

The weather in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia is hot and humid all year round. The highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia is Gunung Tahan, which is less than 2,200 meters tall. The temperature on the mountains at night hardly drops below 20 degrees celsius which simplifies the preparation one need when you camp overnight. Just bring […]

Packing Your Backpack

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series about hiking backpacks. Part 1 was about the features of modern backpacks. Part 2 was about fitting and buying a backpack.   Packing Your Backpack A well-packed backpack feels balanced and stable while carrying, akin to an extension of your upper body. Most of the weight should be […]

Fitting And Buying A Backpack

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series about hiking backpacks. Part 1 was about the features of modern backpacks.   Fitting Large backpacks come in various sizes. If you are buying a new backpack, purchase one which is fitting to your body. First, know your torso length by measuring along your spine from the base […]

Hiking Backpacks

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series about hiking backpacks.    Backpacks Beside your hiking shoes and water bottle, your backpack is probably the next gear that is most commonly brought along when you go hiking. Hiking backpacks typically fall into 3 categories. This is a rough guide to the backpack size needed as it […]