We hike. We share. We make friends.

We are a trio who became close friends after going on numerous hiking trips. This means we have smelt each other’s BO after not bathing for 4 days. It’s as close as it gets. We have been hiking for more than 10 years and are going to continue till we are grandparents (You need something to do when your kids abandon you).

At Hikers for Life, we aim to provide people the opportunity to share the same experience as us. It’s for anyone to experience the beauty of nature, to have the community spirit to share your food or help one another along the way, and ultimately to make a new friend or grow closer to current ones.

Our belief of “anyone can hike” prompts us to set up a community page – Share My Hikes. In this wiki site, we invite the public to share information on various hikes to keep the hike information updated and to empower anyone to organize their own hiking trips.