Mosquito Bite Prevention

In the South East Asia region, our weather is perpetually wet and warm which makes an ideal location for mosquito breeding . Apart from the irritating itch one experiences when bitten, mosquitoes become a problematic issue for health reasons when they are the cause of spreading disease. Malaria and dengue are two common diseases transmitted through mosquito […]

How I Train For A Hike

If you have read our Fansipan story, you will know it is a bad idea to not train for a hike, and embark on a tough climb. Ever since that experience, I have almost always done some form of training prior to going for multi-day or tougher hikes. Being in Singapore, we don’t have mountains to […]

Building an Improvised Shelter

Depending on your usage, sometimes, building an improvised shelter (also called as Basha) can be more convenient than carry a tent.  This is because an improvised shelter is lightweight and does not take up as much space as compared to a tent.  Here, we will go through the basics of building a simple shelter.   Items needed: […]