When You Have Less, You Have More

In today’s society, people are trying to sell you stuff anywhere you go. You are consistently told that you need to own a lot of things. You see “On-going Sales”, “Promotion”, “Discount” everywhere! This is with a big contrast to what I have learnt in the outdoors. I love the idea of hiking and backpacking. The […]

How To Build A Fire

Why Build A Fire? In the world of outdoor adventure, the ability to make fire is one of the core skill to survival. I certainly do not hope to be in a life and death situation in any near future. However, it is relevant to learn about fire making as a camp fire can bring […]

Round Turn Two Half Hitches

This is the knot i used the most frequently while camping. It called the Round Turn Two Half Hitches.  It basically a knot used to tie an end of a rope onto something, for example, a pole or a tree.  The advantages of using this knot is that it is very secured under a lot of stress, yet […]

5 Ways To Be A Good Camper

It inevitable that on longer hikes, we need to camp somewhere to rest for the night. While camping can be an awesome experience to bond with your mates better, an inconsiderate camper can spoil that experience. In the perspective from your campmates, here are 5 ways to be a good camper:   1. Be hardworking – When you reach your […]