How to Avoid Getting Lost While Hiking

Getting lost can happen to anyone when you are in the outdoors. You think that you are on the right trail only to suddenly realize you haven’t seen a trail marker in over an hour. And when you try to retrace your steps to find your way out, you find that everything begins to look […]

How to Choose The Right Hiking Trip Organiser

  There are many groups out there organising hiking trips to anyone who is keen to do hiking. Some are doing it as an interest group to earn some money while pursuing their passion for hiking. There are also the professional outfitters – tour agency operators who focus on doing organised hikes. Things are usually […]

Mosquito Bite Prevention

In the South East Asia region, our weather is perpetually wet and warm which makes an ideal location for mosquito breeding . Apart from the irritating itch one experiences when bitten, mosquitoes become a problematic issue for health reasons when they are the cause of spreading disease. Malaria and dengue are two common diseases transmitted through mosquito […]

How I Train For A Hike

If you have read our Fansipan story, you will know it is a bad idea to not train for a hike, and embark on a tough climb. Ever since that experience, I have almost always done some form of training prior to going for multi-day or tougher hikes. Being in Singapore, we don’t have mountains to […]

What you need to know about Rat Urine Disease (Leptospirosis)

Leptospirosis, also known as rat urine disease, is a infection caused by bacteria called Leptospira which stays in the blood. Humans get infected through contact with contaminated sources. The bacteria invades human tissues and organs, particularly affecting the livers and kidney. Hiking and outdoor activities are considered high risk of exposure to leptospirosis. One may […]

Chafing Prevention

According to Wikipedia: “Chafing refers to the irritation of skin caused by repetitive friction, usually generated through skin to skin contact of multiple body parts.”   Similarly to blisters, chafing is a painful experience and one to avoid. The common place where chafing occurs while hiking is at the inner thighs. The main culprit? Cotton […]

Blister Prevention

Dealing with a blister on your foot while hiking is an agonising affair. Understanding how blisters occur and taking steps of early prevention will save you pain and misery. “Blister – a small bubble on the skin filled with serum and caused by friction, burning, or other damage.”   Causes Of Blister In short, blisters are […]

5 Ways To Be A Good Camper

It inevitable that on longer hikes, we need to camp somewhere to rest for the night. While camping can be an awesome experience to bond with your mates better, an inconsiderate camper can spoil that experience. In the perspective from your campmates, here are 5 ways to be a good camper:   1. Be hardworking – When you reach your […]