Gunung Berembun (Cameron Highlands)

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Gunung Berembun (Cameron) is a mountain 1,840 meters tall located in Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia. Within Malaysia, there are another 2 mountains of the same name and should not be confused. There are a few routes to hike up Gunung Berembun. Jungle walk 3 & 7 are the main trails leading to Gunung Berembun directly.



By Car via Jungle Walk 3:

The GPS coordinates to the trailhead is 4.482762, 101.385106 (maps). The trailhead is near Arcadia Bungalow. On Route 59 heading towards Tanan Rata, turn left to “C7 – Pekeliling Tun Abdul Razak.” Once on this road, the golf course will be on your right. After a right and left band, at approximately GPS 4.484057, 101.382706 (maps) turn left up a slope towards Arcadia Bungalow. (The accompany signboard beside “Arcadia” are “Winsor” and “OCBC Sri Sentosa”) Take the left most route to reach the trailhead of Jungle Walk 3.  



via Jungle Walk 3: The hiking distance each way is approximately 2.7km and takes about 2-3 hours depending on fitness.  The hike is the most strenuous towards the last 800 meters walking distance where the slope becomes steeper. 

Time (approx) Height (m) Lat (deg) Long (deg) Description
START 1,510 4.48276 101.38510  
20mins 1,578 4.48201 101.39027 Side trail on left, keep right.
5 mins 1,600 4.48240 101.39176 Trail 2 & 3 diversion. Keep right to stay on trial 3.
20 mins 1,526 4.48028 101.39386 Small stream crossing
10 mins 1,566 4.47831 101.39497 Trail 3 & 5 diversion. Keep left to stay on trail 3.
20 mins 1,633 4.47650 101.39715 Trail 3 & 6 diversion. Keep left to stay on trail 3.
45 mins 1,840 4.47292 101.40058 Gunung Berembun Summit