10 Quick Tips For A Safer Hike


Hiking is great, but a safer hike will make it greater. Our safety is our responsibility. Always remember, better be safe than sorry. 

Here are 10 quick tips you need for a safer hike

Before the Hike:

  1. Tell someone about your hiking plans
    • Share your itinerary which includes the location, hike duration and who you are going with.
  2. Never to hike alone (unless you are that confident)
    • It is always good to go in a group in case of emergencies
    • Especially when you are new to hiking.
  3. Keep track of the weather forecast
    • Take note of the weather to keep yourself prepared
    • If it rains, bring along a poncho or windbreakers that helps to prevent hypothermia.
  4. Bring the essential items that allows you to last through your hike (depending on the hike you choose)
    • Personal first aid kit
    • Swiss knife
    • whistle
    • headlight
    • enough water
    • snacks
    • Maps/Guide
    • Compass/Cellphones
    • Insect Repellent/Sunscreen
    • (Reminder: Water from the river or streams MUST be boiled or treated by filtering or tablets)
  5. Wear / Bring the right gear
    • Wear a pair of comfortable shoes that provides good support
    • Appropriate clothing for the weather
    • Prepare the rain gears.
  6. Warm Up and Start Slow
    • Always remember to do adequate stretching exercises and not to rush through the hike.

During the Hike:

  1. Stay together as a group
    • Let the slowest person to set the pace.
  2. Stay on the trail
    • Never to take shortcuts that you are not confident of.
  3. Know your physical limits
    • Fatigue is crucial to your safety
    • Take breaks to prevent fatigue 
    • Know when to turn back.
  4. Watch your steps and your surroundings
    • Forest or trails lies a lot of traps that you may trip and fall or even twist your ankle
    • Be wary of wet leaves as they may conceal uneven terrains or poisonous species under them
    • Aim to finish your hike before dark.

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