5 Ways To Be A Good Hiking Buddy

5 ways to be a good hiking buddy:   1. Put others (or the group’s interest) first before self – By far in my opinion, the most important aspect of being a good hiking buddy. Each person must know their own and the needs of the others within the group. There will be differences in needs among people […]

The Journey of Bukit Kutu Trek

I happen to stumble upon photos of Bukit Kutu and got very motivated to hike there due to the summit – panoramic views of clouds, valley and mountains. Coming from Singapore where there is only Bukit Timah Hill as the highest natural peak with mediocre view, the Bukit Kutu trek looks and sounds like a wonderland.   […]

Home Page Revamp

A home page revamp is long overdue.   We launch our initial website in Sept 2015 with only “Share My Hikes“. Ever since we started blogging since Oct 2015, there was a need to revamp the Hikers For Life homepage. As you can see, or for people who have visited the old home page, the initial design was only […]