5 Common Heat Injuries Faced by All Hikers

Weather and temperature are very important factors that helps you determine what to bring on a hike and how your hiking experience will be like. Whether in hot or cold temperatures, an exposure to these can result in severe injuries or even death, if not managed properly.  Here are the 5 most common heat injuries and their […]

King Of The Knots – Bowline

Bowline   The bowline is nicknamed “King of the knots” due to its simplicity and multiple applications. It is also called a rescue knot.  The bowline ties a fix loop onto the end of a rope. Under tension, the knot never slips. This means that the loop at the end of the rope “never changes […]

Cleaning Up Gunung Pulai

Gunung Pulai is a popular hiking destination among the locals and Singaporean. Unfortunately, the waterfall area is badly littered. In May 2015, we had the opportunity to join a trip to Gunung Pulai organised by Trek for Hope. The trip is called “Eco Clean Up at Gunung Pulai.” Apart from scaling the summit, we did an area […]

10 Ways To Sleep Warm At Night

Planning to spend a night up in the mountains? It is very important for you to know how to keep yourself warm. Temperature is colder at the top of the mountain as compared to sea level due to lower air pressure at higher altitude (the higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure, the colder it […]