The Most Important Hiking Consideration, EVER

The level of satisfaction from completing a hike varies from one person to another. Usually satisfaction level will depend on if weather is nice during your hike, or the scenery that you see at the summit, or the group of friends you’re with or even the speed that you have hiked.

For me, none of that matters. The most important and perhaps the only criteria for me is that everyone goes up & comes down safely with all 10 toes intact. And that’s enough satisfaction for me.

Weather is out of your control. The scenery you see also out of your control. You don’t get mad when it rains during your hike because it doesn’t help with anything. You may be blessed with clear blue skies but then you can also be cursed with clouds blocking the 360 view.

Hiking is much more than just conquering the summit & its more about the process of hiking & coming down the mountain with your friends & feasting out then after.

what’s most important? everyone is safe and sound

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