Gunung Baling Hiking

While randomly browsing Instagram pictures of fellow hikers, i came across the hashtag #gunungbaling and was stoked to find these beautiful pictures.   Gunung Baling is a hike located in Kedah, which isn’t one of those nearby hikes where we can just head over for a weekend. Kedah is 700+ km away from Singapore, and even if you drive […]

The Journey of Bukit Kutu Trek

I happen to stumble upon photos of Bukit Kutu and got very motivated to hike there due to the summit – panoramic views of clouds, valley and mountains. Coming from Singapore where there is only Bukit Timah Hill as the highest natural peak with mediocre view, the Bukit Kutu trek looks and sounds like a wonderland.   […]

Cleaning Up Gunung Pulai

Gunung Pulai is a popular hiking destination among the locals and Singaporean. Unfortunately, the waterfall area is badly littered. In May 2015, we had the opportunity to join a trip to Gunung Pulai organised by Trek for Hope. The trip is called “Eco Clean Up at Gunung Pulai.” Apart from scaling the summit, we did an area […]

Three Reasons to visit Bukit Kledang:

3 Reasons to visit Bukit Kledang: A short climb for a rewarding view. Bukit Kledang is only 800 meters tall, but what is even better is that you do not need to reach the summit to enjoy the view. In fact, the summit has got little to no view at it is blocked by trees. […]

Bukit Larut – Highlands in North Malaysia

Too bad. No luck for us for a clear blue skies while we are there.. bummer.   Bukit Larut, also know as Maxwell Hill is a hill resort in Taiping, Perak – Malaysia. Although it is 1,250 meters tall, most people will only climb to 1,036 meters near to the famous hanging bridge and watch tower. […]

How many Gunung Berembun are there?

  From our knowledge, there are three Gunung Berembun in Malaysia. Yes, mountain with the same name but located at different state. It can get very confusing if you are unsure which one we’re talking about. The one we’ve recently updated on Share My Hikes is Gunung Berembun located at Cameron Highland. Hiking in the Cameron […]

Bukit Saga – KL backyard retreat

  KL traffic can be slow, frustrating and stressful at times. Where will you go if you want can escape from the city for some greenery, outdoor and exercise? Look no further, visit Bukit Saga!!! Located at Ampang/Cheras district, it’s only 15km away from downtown KL. Hike to the summit and enjoy facilities like a children playground, […]

Bukit Panorama Trekking for all

Sungai Lembing used to be a rich and thriving tin mining town up until the 1980s where tin price collapse and the pit mines were closed due to high operating cost. Today, Sungai Lembing for the adventurers means 4WD rides, Rainbow Waterfalls and Bukit Panorama trekking – a 30 to 45mins hike to a panoramic […]