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It is kind of already reflected in our name, Hikers For Life. We have been hiking for more than 10 years and have the intention to continue our hiking passion for the rest of our lives. So, why do we love hiking so much? Here are some of our reasons:

We get to exercise – Exercise is good for health and everyone knows it. It is the simplicity of hiking – which is basically an extended walking journey that makes hiking great and that anyone who is willing, can easily pick up as a form of exercise.

We get close to nature – Something we feel every person living in an urban city needs to do once in a while. To go out, get lost in nature and let your mind wonder. Being in nature helps us to relieve the stress of life, makes us happier and heals the mind and the soul.

We learn to appreciate the simple things in life – While hiking, we carry our possessions in a backpack weighing us down. Due to the limited backpack capacity, one will quickly realise that many of the material things we chase after don’t actually matter. We don’t need them to survive. The things which are truly important comes from the simple things in life.

We learn to be humble – Our successes is not based on one, but many other factors. Climbing up a mountain is hard work and one gets rewarded by enduring through the tedious work. But without mother nature’s blessings or assistance given by others, one can never make it through. Hiking remind us to be humble for our successes. 

We become a better person – On a mountain, our instinct automatically tells us to rely on one another (even strangers) for survival. This often brings out the beautiful side of people. Being more genuine, honest and helpful to others. We learn to appreciate a stranger’s act of kindness (even for the simplest matters like pointing you the right direction) and would naturally want to pay it forward.


hiking for the last ten years


Hiking has become a big part of our lives, whereby we always prefer to go for hiking holidays than city sightseeing tours. We get disappointed if we cannot squeeze in a hike during our holidays to torture ourselves. Haha. Non-hikers may not understand our rational but I bet those who hike will.

From our work here at Hikers For Life, we hope to inspire those who have yet to venture into the outdoors to take the first step and those who enjoy hiking to continue hiking.




We share our hiking experience through a couple of different ways.

Videos – (YouTube) To capture the memories and the stories during the hike. A video helps us to remember the times we spent on the mountains and the interesting things that happened. Something to look back to when our memory fades with time.

360 Videos & Photos (YouTube / Facebook): We are also exploring the 360 Photos/Videos technology. A new way for us to share our hiking experience with you, like as if you are here hiking together with us. With 360 technology, you can look around, in any direction, whichever way you like.

Pictures – (Instagram) We use pictures to share our perspectives and moments while hiking. The nice and beautiful sceneries, the people we met and other nice things that we captured during our hiking journey.

Blog – (hikersforlife.com/blog) : The blog gives us the opportunity to write about anything of interest to us within the scope of hiking, outdoors and adventure. We love the flexibility of this medium as it gives us the opportunity to document our experiences.

Share My Hikes – (hikersforlife.com/sharemyhikes) To really experience hiking, you have to go out and do it! Share my hikes is a hiking information portal we created to share the hiking information one need when planning a trip. Through our hiking guides, we hope to empower you to go and experience hiking yourself!


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  1. A very nice website for hikers, admire the effort you guys made here. If have time, do some to Sarawak, we have a lot of challenging hiking places here as well…Cheers,

  2. For me the main reason why I trek is because in these roads I find a great connection with myself and the environment. That gives me a great feeling of peace and being here and now. Very similar to meditating but with a wonderful view.

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