Why we do, What we do

WHY WE LOVE HIKING? It is kind of already reflected in our name, Hikers For Life. We have been hiking for more than 10 years and have the intention to continue our hiking passion for the rest of our lives. So, why do we love hiking so much? Here are some of our reasons: We […]

Home Page Revamp

A home page revamp is long overdue.   We launch our initial website in Sept 2015 with only “Share My Hikes“. Ever since we started blogging since Oct 2015, there was a need to revamp the Hikers For Life homepage. As you can see, or for people who have visited the old home page, the initial design was only […]

HFL One Month

On September 26 2015, Hikers For Life launched and made public of their hiking destination guide – Share My Hikes. Today, the 26th October 2015, we are one month old. This is like a baby shower moment for us. I can’t help but to glee a little for this little milestone we have achieved. You see, we are hikers, […]

Hikers For Life Blog

Starting today, Hikers for Life will be having a blog for our viewers! This blog serves as a mean for us to publish any hiking related contents under the sun. Topic such as hiking tips, hiking equipment, hiking safety etc… The blog will be sorted by categories made easy for future referencing.   Share My Hikes will […]