How to Choose The Right Hiking Trip Organiser

  There are many groups out there organising hiking trips to anyone who is keen to do hiking. Some are doing it as an interest group to earn some money while pursuing their passion for hiking. There are also the professional outfitters – tour agency operators who focus on doing organised hikes. Things are usually […]

The Most Important Hiking Consideration, EVER

The level of satisfaction from completing a hike varies from one person to another. Usually satisfaction level will depend on if weather is nice during your hike, or the scenery that you see at the summit, or the group of friends you’re with or even the speed that you have hiked. For me, none of […]

Hiking With A Special Need Kids

I was hiking down the Eorimok trail on Mt. Hallasan in Jeju and chanced upon a late 30s female hiking with a Teenager with Down syndrome. As their speed was similar to my group, we keep seeing each other on the trail whereby we overtook them, subsequently they overtook us and the process kept repeating. […]

Why Go Hiking?

  There are many reasons as to why we go hiking. But here are the 3 simple ones that we believe in.   1. Keep calm & hike on.   You never felt more at peace than in the nature. It forces you to focus on being present in the moment. You’re more mindful of […]

What is Hiking?

  Many people who never hike before think that I’m hanging from some rope down a cliff when I said I’m going hiking. For the record, I have never done that for my past 12 years of hiking.   Instead, I would like to describe hiking as – put your left foot forward, then your […]