Gunung Stong

  • Gunung Stong - Gunung Ayam - Gunung Baha

Other Peaks: Gunung Ayam / Gunung Baha / Stong Waterfall  


Gunung stong (1422m) is located within the Gunung Stong state park, in Kelantan, Penisular Malaysia. Within the Gunung Stong state park, there are two other peaks which are Gunung Ayam (1504m) and Gunung Baha (1309m).

The state park is home to one of the highest waterfalls in Malaysia, the seven-tiered Jelawang Waterfalls.



Gunung Stong is approximate 3km away from Dabong town. Dabong town is connected to the other states/cities by KTM.

If you are driving, route 66 will connect you to Jeli town and then subsequently to the North South Highway.

By train coming from southern Malaysia, it is common to take the overnight KTM train which departs from Johor Bahru in the evening. The train ride takes approximately 13 hours. It is recommended to buy tickets for the sleeper berth to make train ride more enjoyable.

From Dabong train station, you will need to find land transportation to get to Gunung Stong state park. You can pre-arrange with your hiking guide to pick up and provide transportation from Dabong station. The coffee shops nearby the train station will also be able to arrange transporation to bring you to Gunung Stong state park.  



Itinerary can be arrange to explore the caves near Dabong town with your hiking guide. Some of the popular caves are Gua Gelap (Dark Cave), Gua Kris (Sword Cafe), Gua Pagar (Fence Cave) and Gua Ikan (Fish Cave). The limestone caves can be very narrow, especially for Gua Gelap where there is a part you will need to lie flat on the ground to crawl through a small hole.

To summit Gunung Stong, Gunung Ayam or Gunung Baha, you will first need to reach the “base camp” which is known as Baha Camp – located at the top of Gunung Stong main seven-tiered waterfall – Jelawang waterfall.

The hike to Baha Camp is about 1.5 hours from Gunung Stong state park, mainly consist of upslopes. At the waterfalls of Baha Camp, there is a view overlooking the townThere are also basic amenities like a cooking hut, sleeping huts and camp toilets at Baha Camp.

From Baha Camp, it will take a full day’s hike to summit and return from any of the 3 summits. The guides will be able to provide advise for your group on which summit to scale if you intend to take up the challenge.  



You are required to hire a local guide for this hike.  



Baha’s Adventure Team: Jelawang Jungle, 18200 Dabong Kelantan D.N, Malaysia Perdana Stong Hill Resort and Adventure Camp Office: Kampung Jelawang, 18200 Dabong, Kelantan. West Malaysia