Rawson Lake and Sarrail Ridge

  • Sarrail Ridge


Rawson Lake is located in Peter Lougheed Provencal Park, Alberta, Canada which is the surrounding areas of the Canadian Rockies.

Rawson Lake is a beautiful green lake sitting below the sheer cliffs of Mt. Sarrail. The trail starts at the upper Kananaskis Lake parking area and leads off west along the lakeshore. You’ll come by Sarrail Falls after 1.2km. After about 1km. turn left up the slope. The trail continues for another 2.3km and with faily steep incline. The trails are very well marked and a popular hike so chances are slim for you to get lost.

Once at the lake, you can explore, look for pikas among hte rocks, relax or fish in the lake.. Most people end the hike here or alternatively, you cancontinue up a steep grassy slope up at the end of the lake to Sarrail Ridge which offers amazing views of Upper Kananaski Lake, Lower Kananaski Lake and the surrounding mountains.



Take Highway 1 West from Calgary and turn off at Kananaski Country (Highway 40). Turn left at the exit and continue until you reach Upper Kananaski Lake Day Use Parking Area. Look for Kananaski Lake signs and you won’t get lost.

Travel time takes about 2 hours (one way) from Calgary.



The hike to Sarrail Ridge is a total of 11.3km return with an elevation gain of 671m. The hike to Rawson lake is fairly steep but nothing an average hiker won’t be able to handle. The hike from Rawson Lake to Sarrail Ridge is a steep 1.4km (366m elevation gain)up but it is very well worth all the effort.

Good footwear is essential for the hike up the ridge and always bring your bear spray. The trail can get fairly crowded as the day go on so I will suggest going early to beat the traffic and having more time on hand to enjoy the view.



Peter Lougheed Provencal Park is open to the public, free of charge. There is no fee to enter the park or to park your car for the day.



Any information with regards to trail conditions and advisories can be found at Parks Canada website.




Contributed by: Melissa Sim


View From Sarrail Ridge of Rawson Lake


Rawson Lake with Mount Sarrail on background