Bukit Mor

SUMMARY The Bukit Mor hike is a short hike close to Parit Jawa and 13 km south-east from Muar, a town located in the southern-most Malaysian state of Johor.

Endau Rompin Selai

SUMMARY Endau Rompin is the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia with an area overlapping Pahang and Johor state.

Gunung Pulai

SUMMARY Gunung Pulai is a mountain 654 meters tall located in Johor, Peninsular Malaysia. It is a popular hiking spot for the locals and Singaporean due to it proximity and easy access.

Pelepah Waterfalls

  SUMMARY: Pelepah waterfalls, also known as Lombong waterfalls is located near the town of Kota Tinggi, state of Johor, Peninsular Malaysia.

Gunung Arong

SUMMARY Gunung Arong is a small hill located at Pennisular Malaysia, in the state of Mersing Johor. It stands at 273m and offers a view over the horizon of South China Sea.     TRANSPORTATION It is not known if there are any public transportation services to the vicinity of the area. Getting to the trailhead […]

Gunung Belumut

Gunung Berlumut is closed temporary due to leptospirosis (rat urine disease) fears. Source SUMMARY Gunung Belumut stands at 1010 meters tall and is located near the state of Kluang, Johor, Peninsular Malaysia.     TRANSPORTATION Gunung Belumut is about 18km from the town of Kluang. The entrance to Gunung Belumut is located at GPS location: […]

Gunung Lambak

SUMMARY Gunung Lambak is a mountain located in Peninsular Malaysia, the state of Kluang, Johor. It stands at 510m tall, offering a view of Kluang Town at the summit.     TRANSPORTATION It is unclear if there is public transportation to the foot of the mountain. For drivers, Gunung Lambak is located at 2.027163, 103.357568 (maps). Getting […]