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Bukit Kledang is a hill located at Ipoh, Perak state of Peninsular Malaysia. It is 800 meters tall, and there are multiple trails which leads to the different part of the hill. The trails are: “main road”, “4-2”, “4-3”, “4-9” & “RTM”.

Only the “main road” and “RTM” trail leads to the summit. The more popular trails are “4-2” (nicknamed staircase) and “4-9” trail. Both trail leads back to the main road at 246 meters and 425 meters tall. 

The best view point of Bukit Kledang is at the exercise corner (350 meters) GPS 4.58159, 101.02355. An area with unobstructed view overlooking Perak at 350 meters. 



There are two starting point for Bukit Kledang. Trail “main road” is at Jalan Kledang road, GPS: 4.572161, 101.027560 (maps).

Trail “4-2”, “4-3”, “4-9” and “RTM” share the same starting point at Hala Rasi Jaya 1 Road, GPS: 4.576430, 101.030247 (maps), approximately 1.4km away.

From Ipoh, head west towards road E19 (Lebuhraya Ipoh – Lumut). On E19, head south, and turn right at Jalan Kledang.

To “main road” trail: Continue to go straight and you will reach the carpark. 

To “4-2”, “4-3”, “4-9” and “RTM” trail: After turning right at Jalan Kledang, turn right again at Laluan Rasi Jaya 7. Turn left at Hala Rasa Jaya 4. On this road, the housing estate are on your left, after about 230 meters, there is a road on your right. Turn right and drive straight ahead. You can park your car by the roadside. 



‘Main Road Trail”

The “main road” trail starts at GPS:4.572161, 101.027560 (Jalan Kledang Road). The main road trail is a 6.4km upslope tar road all the way to the summit of Bukit Kledang which is 800 meters tall. The main road intersects “4-2” trail at 2km (246 meters) and “4-9” at 3.5km (425 meters). There are plenty of resting huts on route for resting. The road gets stepper after the 2km (“4-2” trail intersection).

It is possible to drive your vehicle up the hill. The road is narrow with certain section having sharp corners. Be cautious about the people hiking on road.


“4-2” Trail

At GPS: 4.576430, 101.030247 (Hala Rasi Jaya 1 Road), take the trail on the left to be on “4-2”. This trail straight forward and is basically a 1km hike of consistent upslope on man-made stairs. For the starting part, the slope is gradual and the terrain on the ground is dirt/soil. There are old rubber tyres embedded on the road.

After about 10 mins, you will arrive at the concrete reinforced stairs. From here, it is a consistence upslope of stairs climbing of about 800 steps. The trail will intersect with the main road after 800 meters of walking from the start. Continue going up the stairs for another 200 meters will lead you to the exercise corner / unobstructed view point.

From the exercise corner, walk upslope on the main road for another 3.7km to reach the summit. 

Time (approx) Description
START At GPS:4.576430, 101.030247, take the dirt/soil trial at the left side of the road. 
10 mins Start of staircase.
30 mins Trail intersect main road. Continue going up via stairs.
20 mins Reach exercise corner / unobstructed view point. 


“4-9” Trail

At GPS: 4.576430, 101.030247 (Hala Rasi Jaya 1 Road), take the trail on the right to be on “4-9”. This is also the direction for trail “4-3” and “RTM”. Once you are on the trail, you get a view of Ipoh on your right. After about 600 meters, the trail will be consistently uphill till the end.

Time (approx) Height (m) Lat (deg) Long (deg) Description



At GPS:4.576430, 101.030247, take trial on the right side of the road. 
25 mins 159



Trail diverts. Left trail lead back to main road. Continue going straight to stay on “4-9”.
10 mins 197



Waterfall on the right. After waterfall, “RTM” trail split to the right. Keep left to stay on “4-9”.
2 mins 192



Keep right to stay on “4-9”.
13 mins 288



Keep right.
2 mins 289



Keep right.

14 mins 387



Big rock. Pass the rock and continue on trail.
 17 mins 425  4.5831  101.01771 Back on main road. Walk up another  3km to summit.  Walk down 800 meters to exercise corner / unobstructed view point. 



No parking fee or entrance fee to the hill is required. 






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