Gunung Belumut

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Gunung Berlumut is closed temporary due to leptospirosis (rat urine disease) fears. Source


Gunung Belumut stands at 1010 meters tall and is located near the state of Kluang, Johor, Peninsular Malaysia.  



Gunung Belumut is about 18km from the town of Kluang. The entrance to Gunung Belumut is located at GPS location: 2.066675, 103.525479 (maps).

For drivers, there are proper parking lots available at the foot of the mountain.

Getting there by public transport, you will need  to be at Kluang bus terminal first. From here, you can either hire a taxi or take a public bus to the main road intersection of Gunung Belumut. Walk for another 3.5km to reach the park entrance. The bus stop to alight at when taking the public bus is here (GPS: 2.076027, 103.505662).  



It takes about 4 – 6 hours to summit the mountain. You will first start off walking at some pavement before crossing a bridge, a flight of stairs and then the trail starts. The trail gets steeper along the way, with the toughest part between the 2nd checkpoint and Bukit Botak. At certain part, you will need to climb on all fours to get up. The summit is marked by a rock surface which offers some view.  

45mins 1st checkpoint (2km)
1hr 45 mins 2nd checkpoint (3km)
3hr 30mins Botak (false summit)
4 hours Summit



A permit is required for climbing Gunung Belumut. Guides can be employed but it is unknown if it is a requirement.