Pisang Waterfall


If you are looking for a simple hike that is fun, flat and ends at a refreshing waterfall, look no further than the Pisang waterfall hike.

This is a short but sweet 45 minute hike that takes you through lush green forest, tunnels, and rivers to finish at the Pisang waterfall.



The hike is located near the Karak highway, in the town of Kampung Batu Dua Belas, Gombak, Selangor.

To reach the trail head, aim for the Jungle Lodge Alang Sedayu Resort. Drive down Old Gombak road (km11) towards the direction of Genting Highlands. You will pass the nearby Hospital Orang Asli, some kampung houses (village houses) and a short bridge, in that order. Continue on until you see the Jungle Lodge sign. Then, turn left and go straight down. You will see a car park where you can park overnight for RM 10.

Map Of Gombak Town

Turn Left Upon Seeing This Sign

To find the trail head from the car park, all you have to do is turn right and go straight.

(If you turn left, you will arrive at 2 other resorts, one of which is the Alang Manja resort.)

Jungle Lodge Alang Sedayu
12th Mile, Jalan Gombak 51300 Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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The trail consists of an easy 45 minute flat route. Most of time, you will be walking in the river. The waterfall itself is small but relatively clean and suitable for swimming. While many hikers do this hike as a day trip, Pisang waterfall is a nice place for a camping trip with spacious campsites & clear pools to soak in.

After turning right from the car park1, walk straight until you reach a red/white road barrier2 which is near the trail head. You will then see a red sign board3. Walk a bit further and you will be able to turn left to go down to the river4.

Once you are at the river, you will see a water plant5 on your right. Directly opposite the water plant (on the other side of it), there is a trail that leads into the forest6. Take this trail and walk along it for awhile.

You will then reach another river7. At this point, you should turn left to continue on to the rocky trail8 beside the river. After a short walk, turn left to head back into the forest9 using this trail. Then, walk straight up onto the stone steps until you come to an opening.

At this opening, do not go straight. Instead, you should turn right. This is important as going straight will lead you to the Karak highway.

After this, as you follow the trail, you will be walking beside a wall. Then, the trail will turn left and you will be able to see the 2 big twin tunnels.

It should only take you 5 minutes to walk from the water plant to the tunnels.

In the afternoon, the sunlight illuminates the tunnels, making it bright enough for you to walk through the tunnels without a torch light. But if you are planning to hike this trail at a time of the day when it is darker, do bring a torch light or a headlamp with you.


After the tunnels, the trail is quite straight forward. All you have to do is walk straight. Much of the walk is on the river or close to the river. If you veer off the river, the general rule is to be on the right side of the river.

To guide your way, there are 3 major markers along the way as well as plenty of red & white markers. The river is quite shallow and if you are a person of average height (1.6m), the water will reach knee level at most. However, there are quite a lot of leeches!

To find the first red white marker, continue on the river upstream for a short while after the tunnels. You will see the red white marker on the right side of the entrance before you enter the forest.

Then, you will walk through muddy banks to come to the 1st major marker. This is a huge tree that you will see after 5 minutes of hiking through the forest. You cannot miss it as it is very distinct and there is only one like this.

Soon after, you will get back to the river and see a “Y” junction with a road sign. The left fork goes to route 2 which leads you to a short hill climb over the river and above the falls. The right fork will bring you to route 1 which leads you directly to the falls.

After turning right (route 1), you will be walking in the forest (but still close to the river) for 5 minutes. Finally, you will reach the 3rd marker, which is a very big rock. You are now very near the waterfalls! You just have to go around this large rock and walk straight after that.

The trail will join the river once again and voila! You will see the waterfalls right ahead of you.

Once at the falls, you can find a steep trail directly opposite that leads up to a large campsite which can house dozens of people. From this campsite, the trail branches out further to 3 more large campsites. We choose to go to a trail on the right for our campsite as this is nearer to the water source.

Insider Tip: From our campsite, turn right and go straight into the river. You will find another mini waterfall there with a bigger “pool” area that is nicer to soak in than the main waterfall.



A guide/permit is not required. Should you require a guide, the Alang Manja Resort has Orang Asli guides available. The resort is also able to organize canyoning trips.

Contact: ask@alangmanja.com or 017 313 0202

There is a parking fee to park your car at the parking lot. The parking lot “owner” has also set up very basic toilets/showers. Unfortunately this facility was under renovation when we were there.



Selangor Police: 0320529999
Police/Ambulance: 999 or 112
Fire & Rescue: 994 or 112
Civil Defence: 991

Hospital Orang Asli Gombak
Address: 13, 13 Jalan Gombak, Jalan Gombak, Kampung Batu Dua Belas Gombak, 53100, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-6189 2122



There are 3 resorts in this area. The Alang Manja resort is the best quality resort that is new and modern. The other two have a more rustic charm, consisting of old school wooden huts.