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Bukit Berkeh is a hill located in Perak, near Kampung Bagan Serai of Sungai Siput. It is 454 meters tall and offers a 360 degree view of Sungai Siput and it surrounding area. 




No public transport are available at the trailhead. The trail head is located at GPS: 4.997746, 101.144981 (maps). Coming from Ipoh, it is about 60km away and take about 1 to 1.5 hours of driving to reach.

Driving from Ipoh, you need to head north on Route 1 towards Chemor. At Chemor, make a right turn to route A13, which eventually leads to A160. At the end of A160, you will reach a T-Junction where you will turn left to A163 and immediately turn right to A155. Continue on A155 till you reach another T-Junction, turn right to continue to A19 which you will eventually reach the trail head. Along the way, you find yourself drive along palm tree plantation.

Park by the roadside as there are no proper area for parking. The start of the trail is on the right.



The trail up Bukit Berekeh involves walking through plantations (for the most part) and can get confusing because there are multiple diversion. The way up Bukit Berekeh is loosely marked by trail tape markers. Do keep a consistently lookout for them. Fortunately, the trail up Bukit Berekeh summit is mapped on Google Maps and can be relied on to reference.

The terrain of Bukit Berekeh trail is mainly sandy with certain parts rocky (small rocks). The entire trail has got no shade and therefore popularly visited as a morning or evening hike. From the trail head to summit, the climb is about 2.8 km long and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The first 1km is easier with gentle slopes and incline. After the first km onwards till summit, the climb get increasing steep. The last part just before reaching the first summit involves going up a slope using ropes. The trail start at about 70m in height and descend to about 66 meters before climbing constantly to the summit at 454 meters tall.


*mobile device: switch to landscape mode if necessary*







  START 71m 0 km 4.997746 101.144981  
1 1 min 80m 0.1km 4.99686 101.14496 Turn Left
24 mins 104m 1.3km 4.993101 101.149026 Turn Right
3 5 mins 116m 1.4km 4.992254 101.149392 Turn Left
4 9 mins 162m 1.7km 4.990841 101.150689 Turn Right
5 10 mins 188m 1.9km 4.989441 101.150333 Turn Left
6 3 mins 198m 1.95km 4.989204 101.150561 Turn Right
10 mins 242m 2.2km 4.988958 101.149622 Turn Left
8 20 mins 307m 2.45km 4.987794 101.150396 Up the Steep Forest Route
  End 454m 2.8km 4.982232 101.146742 Summit




Nil. No permits or fees required. 









  1. Hello Hikers,
    I hiked Bukit Berekeh on Sunday, 24-Nov-2019, the starting point was bit confusing. Once into the trail there are some markings left by fellow hikers for easy navigation. I found this site GPS location was very useful for me, spot on. The hike was so enjoyable, I took 45 minutes to go up, 10 minutes at the peak and 50 minutes to come down, I was in hurry since i’m driving back to Singapore after the hike. Definitely will hike again and thanks for inputs about the hike on this website

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