Why Go Hiking?

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There are many reasons as to why we go hiking. But here are the 3 simple ones that we believe in.
1. Keep calm & hike on.
You never felt more at peace than in the nature. It forces you to focus on being present in the moment. You’re more mindful of where you land your feet on & put whatever drama of your life aside. When you look up, you will see the beauty of mother nature.
Much of our suffering is wanting things that we don’t have. When hiking, you surrender yourself to the environment & adapt. You don’t get angry at the nature when it rains. Instead, you adjust your thinking & adapt. Thus, you feel more at peace.

2. Anyone can go.

Hiking is simple. It is just walking with your own 2 feet which is our inborn ability as a human being. There is no initial learning curve at all.

It’s not just about going to epic journeys like climbing Mt. Everest or going through Amazon forests. It can be fun & short by just going to small hill for an hour hike.

It is also not running up the mountains. You set your own pace based on what works for you & showcase your capability. You are stronger than what you think you are.


3. Guarantee you will gain something from it.

Hiking brings you closer to the beauty of mother nature & it also brings you closer to your friends. When you’re hiking, you share your food or you see someone helping another person along the way. 

Regardless of whatever happens during the hike, I can guarantee you will gain something from it. Making new friends, becoming stronger, having an enjoyable time, clearing your mind, getting insect bites or manly scars on your leg (just joking), etc. 

At the very least, you get to have bragging rights to all your couch potatoes or city friends that you went hiking before & you’re stronger than them.

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