Rainbow Waterfalls

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Rainbow waterfalls is located in the town of Sungei Lembing, 45km northwest of Kuantan, Peninsular Malaysia. When the weather conditions are favourable, a spectacular rainbow can be seen at the main waterfalls. The rainbow is caused by the sun shining at the correct angle to the waterfall’s mist.  



To get to Sungai Lembing by public transportation, you will first need to get to Kuantan bus terminal which is well connected to the other cities.

At a nearby bus stop of Kuantan bus terminal,  a local bus 48 will pass by Sungai Lembing. The bus stop at Sungai Lembing to board bus 48 is at the only petrol station. The frequency and timing of the bus is currently not known.

Alternatively, you can also get a taxi to drive you to Sugnei Lembing from Kuantan bus terminal. It may cost approximately RM60 a trip.

You can’t get to the trailhead by yourself as the journey requires an hour of 4WD ride. Therefore, do arrange to meet up with your guide cum 4WD driver at Sungai Lembing. The common meet up area will be at the T-junction between the food centre and Country View Inn. GPS coordinates: 3.917015, 103.035158 (googlemaps)  



The meeting time for most hike with their guides are usually early in the morning like around 6-7am. The journey start with an hour of 4WD ride to the trailhead. Expect the ride to be bumpy with up and down slopes on uneven ground. The 4WD will also cross a few small streams. The 4WD ride ends by a river bank.

The hike starts by crossing that river which can be as high to your waist level (depending on the season). The hike then continues on the rocks along the river and then into the forest. Do note that the rocks along the trail can be quite slippery. It takes approximate 1 hour to reach the main waterfalls.

Your luck on seeing the rainbow will depends on the sun and the waterfall mist. There are occasions when there is a full beautiful view of the rainbow and times where hikers see nothing but water.  



Pricing for the 4WD ride and guide can cost between RM35-Rm50/pax. As rainbow waterfall is a popular attraction, you can expect local crowds during the weekends.

Arrangement to get there can be easily made through the resort / homestay / inn (see contacts below).    



During peak season, it is possible for all of the accommodation to be fully booked so do check in advance before coming.

Accommodation at Sungei Lembing by alphabetic order:

ACF Retreat Centre: 019-9551405

Country View Inn: 019-9176369 – Ms Wong.

Hotel Sungei Lembing & Cafe: 019-9981126/09-5411924

Lembing Village Resort: 09-5411831/019-9070854

Sg. Lembing Homestay: 09-5412395

Sg Lembing Rest House: 019-9082193/019-9040389/019-9161492/012-9009622