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    Broga Hill View From 2nd Peak


Broga Hill is located in the town of Semenyih, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia. It is also known as Bukit Lalang or Bukit Broga. Standing at 400m tall,  it is a relatively simple hike which offers a panoramic view of the Broga town. As such, it can get really crowded during the weekends during the morning and evening hours. 



Broga Hill is located at GPS coordinates: 2.939591, 101.900808 (maps).

There are no public transportation services to the foot of Broga Hill. The easiest and most convenient way to go by Car. Despite the large crowd Broga Hill attracts, the car park is big and there is sufficient parking space available at the foot of the mountain. The entrance to Broga Hill is within a plantation which serves as a carpark. On weekends, an attendant might be there collecting RM2.00 as parking fee. [Update: 9/4/17: the attendant is now collecting parking fees charged at RM1 per passenger].

It takes approximately 4 hours of driving to get from Johor Bahru (customs) to Broga Hill via North-South Highway (E2).

Some key landmarks:
1. Opposite the entrance to Broga Hill is a Rabbit Farmland.
2. University Nottingham Malaysia is about 4km West of Broga Hill. Coming from Semenyih town, you will pass by the university before reaching Broga Hill.



Broga Hill has 3 peaks. The first two peaks offer a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding area and the final/last peak with block view.

There have been quite a fair bit of changes to Broga Hill trail in recent development (as of Mar 2017). Due to the popularity and high foot traffic to Broga Hill, certain sections of the trail condition has deteriorated showing signs of soil erosion. There are currently two trails to Broga Hill summits. Both trails start from the carpark, diverge at the start of the Broga Hill trail, and merge back at the 2nd summit.

Broga Hill Map

CarPark to Start Of Broga Hill Trail:

The carpark of Broga Hill is within a Plantation. At the far end of the carpark, there is a signboard1 giving direction to the start of Broga Hill trail. Follow the signboard and walk approximately 350m on a gradual incline to the starting point of Broga Hill trek.

The starting point of the trek is marked by a big signboard “Selamat Datang Ke Bukit Broga (Welcome To Broga Hill)2”. Just in front of the signboard, there is a drink stall selling coconut juice and snacks during the weekends.

From here, you can choose between the two trails to climb. The old trail starts at the small fence opening on the left of the big signboard. The new trail starts by going straight through under the big signboard.


Broga Hill via Old Trail:

The old trail is shorter, but steep at certain section. From the start of Broga Hill trail to the 2nd Peak, the hiking distance is about 1km.

At the starting point, look for a small fence opening on the left. You will spot a signboard “Eco Farm And Park @ Broga Hill (Lot 1837) Entrance Fee RM1.00”3. An attendant may be present to collect an entrance fee of RM1.

Hike into the forest trail in gradual upslopes for the first 250 meters. At the end, you will reach a cross junction4, which immediate ahead of the junction is a narrow steep upslope, which only allows one person to climb up at one go. Take this route to continue hiking up Broga Hill via old trail.

If you find this upslope too steep and narrow, you can consider doing a small detour by an alternative route (which is less steep) about 25 meters away on the right. This alternative route will eventually lead back to Broga Hill old trail. To find the alternative route, turn right at the junction and walk about 25 meters and turn left when you spot a trail heading upward. However, this alternative route has got soil erosion problem5 at certain sections. As of Apr 2017, the alternative route is still walkable but do access the condition of the trail and proceed with caution.

Back at the main Old Broga Hill Trail, after climbing up the narrow steep upslope, continue hiking straight for about 120 meters and turn left at the T-junction. Continue hiking for another 270 meters after the T junction and you will end the forest section of the hike. A view welcomes you on your left. You now see a Y-Junction6, take the trail on the right – steep upslope to reach Broga Hill 1st peak7.

After reaching the first peak, continue hiking straight for about 270 meters to climb up to Broga Hill 2nd peak8, which offers the best view out. From the 2nd peak, you can reach the 3rd peak by hiking a further 280 meters. The view at the 3rd peak9 is limited as it is partially blocked by rocks/trees.

Broga Hill via New Trail:

At the starting point, walk straight ahead below the Signboard “Selamat Datang Ke Bukit Broga – Welcome To Broga Hill”. From here, you will hike down a little10, before eventually climbing up a short section of upslope with staircase-like steps11. Eventually, you will reach the part whereby the trail is on deforestation ground12. Continue walking up the slope (about 20 to 30 degrees incline) which eventually leads to the start of the Stairs section13. Continue walking up the trail of stairs which will lead you to Broga Hill 2nd peak.



Parking at the plantation may cost you RM2.00. [Update: 9/4/17: the attendant is now collecting parking fees charged at RM1 per passenger].

Restroom facilitates are located to the right of the entrance to the plantation. They may be chargeable but are usually locked once the vendors had left for the day. No permits are needed for hiking at Broga Hill.



Nearby Hospital: Kajang Hospital – +60 3-8736 3333 (googlemap)

General Emergency Numbers: Police / Ambulance Tel: 999 / 112 from a mobile telephone

Fire and Rescue Department (known as Bomba) Tel: 994 / 112 from a mobile telephone

Civil Defence Tel: 991



During the weekends, there could be mobile vendors at the foot of the hill selling drinks, breakfast and fruits during the morning peak hours. Do bring along insect repellent as there are a lot of mosquitoes near the foot of the hill and plantation.


[Update 9/4/17]
Camping Ground available at the vicinity of Broga Hill Carpark – Contact: 016 – 293 0188 or 016 464 2797.

Traditional Archery at the vicinity of Broga Hill Carpark – RM 5 for 5 arrows. RM 10 for 12 Arrows


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