How to Start Hiking?


After a few thoughts on why go hiking, you now want to know how to start hiking. Here are some pointers for you on selecting which hiking trails to start with. 

  1. Begin with some local parks in your area, such as the Bukit Timah Hill, Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve or MacRitchie Treetop Walk, etc. 
  2. Choose one that interest you and is within your current physical ability by looking at their hiking trail descriptions. 
  3. Start with a short distance trail of several kilometres. 

There are a few types of trails that are important for you to know. 

Loop Hikes – The trail is like a loop, where you start and end at the same point 

Out and Back Hikes – The trail is like where you start from Point A to Point B (e.g summit), turn around and head back to Point A. Your journey to and fro is the same trail. 

Point to Point – The trail is like your start point and end point are totally 2 different places. Usually this type of trail is not popular to those who have their own transport, unless the 2 points are not far from each other. 

As for the hiking gears, you do not need to invest a huge sum of money into them. Depending on the hiking trail you choose, here are the basics of what you need to prepare yourself for the hike:

  1. Have a decent pair of walking shoes or hiking boots (depends on the terrain)
  2. Wear an appropriate attire for the hike (some prefer to wear long pants or shirts to prevent scratches and insects) 
  3. Always bring enough water and food (snacks) 
  4. Prepare sunscreen and insect repellent if needed
  5. Its always good to have a small backpack to contain the stuff you need so that you could free your hands and hike safely 
  6. Always get a partner to go with you. Never to hike alone if you are unfamiliar with the area. 

The first step to an enjoyable hike is to choose the right trail based on your physical ability. Start with something short and easy to work your way up. Have a companion with you as the hike will be safer and more fun

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