5 Ways To Be A Good Camper


Setting up camp at Manali Pass – India

It inevitable that on longer hikes, we need to camp somewhere to rest for the night. While camping can be an awesome experience to bond with your mates better, an inconsiderate camper can spoil that experience.

In the perspective from your campmates, here are 5 ways to be a good camper:


1. Be hardworking – When you reach your campsite at the end of the day, the tents won’t magically pop up or your dinner mysteriously cooked by itself. There are usually a number of camp chores to be done so play your part to help out. Help by clearing the camp area, pitch the tents, build shelter, get water, gather firewood, cook and wash the dishes. Don’t know what to do? Ask! Make yourself valuable and your mates will love you to the core.


2. Be a team player – It pays to consider about your camp mates while you are hard at work doing the camp chores. For example: while you are clearing an area to pitch your tent, consider clearing a wider area for your camp mates. If you are pitching your tent, offer to help them pitch theirs too. If you are going to collect water, ask if anyone need help to refill their water bottle. It may sound cheesy that “Team” stands for “together everyone achieve more” but you can’t deny it is true here.


3. Make sure everyone eats – It is a common practise that meals are cooked together for everyone before dividing the portion to share. This is usually a good and efficient way to prepare meals while camping. A lot can be going on at the campsite and not everyone maybe physically present while eating. Hence, it is important to make sure that food are a portion out for those not around. You don’t want a situation where there is no food left for the feller who was tasked to mend the fire.


4. Be considerate – The campsite is a shared area with your campmates. Hence, being considerate is the way to go to froster good relationships. More so if you are sharing the tent with someone else. It is not cool to have all your belonging scattered around. How would you feel if you step into a tent of under garments, worn socks and sweaty shirts in the middle of the tent? Instead, arrange your stuff to a corner to give space for other people.


5. Stay on your side – Keep the habit of rolling around your king size bed at home. After a hard day of climb, everyone need their rest. Rolling into the space of others will irritate your campmates and get you thrown out of the tent. 


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