Bukit Tabur

Take care my friends while hiking Bukit Tabur.   Bukit Tabur is a unique hill formed by a quartz ridge. Therefore, the terrain is mostly rocky surfaces with vertical cliff drops along the sides of the route. The view is rewarding for a relatively short climb which attracts a good number of hikers during the weekends.   While it is […]

5 Things About Gunung Datuk

5 interesting things about Gunung Datuk: The location is named after Dato’ Perpatih Nan Sebatang. The locals believe that long time ago, the mountain used to be a place where people gathered and selected their leader. It’s 885 meters. Ranked 220th place in Malaysia’s highest peak, but it is the highest in Negeri Sembilan. There […]

Pelepah Waterfall

Situated at Kota Tinggi, Pelepah Waterfall is only 1hr away from JB. Thus, a popular & accessible waterfall among Singaporeans. This waterfall will involve you to climb up & down or sideway on the boulders, as part of the route. As a big part of the route requires you to hike by the river bank, there are […]

Share My Hikes Update – Gunung Jasar Cameron Highland

Im excited to announce that we’ve just published a new hiking destination, Gunung Jasar for Share My Hikes – our hiking destination guide. This will be our 9th Malaysia hiking destination on Share My Hikes and also the first new destination published after our launch about a month ago. We travelled to Cameron Highlands earlier […]