3 Reasons To Choose Hiking As A Weekend Getaway

Hiking as a weekend getaway

How every weekend should look like…

About a week ago, I crossed the causeway into Malaysia and headed to Endau Rompin National Park over the weekend (Sat-Sun) for a short getaway from the city life. 

And it was truly what was needed for a recharge. A break from the mundane routine of working hard during the weekdays and trying to get as much rest as possible over the weekends. 

Here are 3 reasons to choose hiking as a weekend getaway:

1. Getting to exercise – The core of hiking requires you to walk which is a form of exercise. And we are familiar with the health benefits of exercising. When you break a sweat, your get a boost in energy levels. It improves your physical health, boost immune systems and helps to reduce illness. It oxygenates the body, strengthens your heart and even improves learning and mental performance.

2. Natural Therapy – Buildings and highways do not help you relax, nature does. Going to the outdoors is a therapy by itself. You breath in the fresh air, you see the lush greenery and hear the beautiful sounds of the nature. When you take it all in and connect with nature, you can find peace. This helps to elevate your mood, reduces stress and improves your overall state and mental health. 

3. Getting A Real Break – The cellphone is one of the most distracting devices in today’s modern life. When you go out hiking into the wilderness, you cut the cord to connecting with the outside world. This set you up to be in an environment whereby the source of distraction has being eliminated. By doing so, you tend to forget about your problems and focus more on whatever you are doing.  This allows you to truly enjoy and be in the moment of time. This by far is the most important, as it allows you to appreciate what it means to truly have a real break.

Hiking getaways are a way to take breaks for a recharge. It is true that hiking requires some form of physical exertion, which can be tiring. However, the benefits that a hiking getaway brings with – a spiritual recharge, is something which i find difficulty in replicating when I do the usual “city holidaying”. 

Why not try hiking as a weekend getaway someday?


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