Hiking and Teamwork

Unless you are Bear Grylls on a solo survival mission trip, chances are, when you go hiking, there are many opportunities to learn about team work.

There is no need to hire facilitators to conduct team building workshops. A hiking expedition by itself forces you to rely on one another. The environment you are in while hiking, naturally setups the opportunities to learn about the importance of teamwork.


Hiking and Teamwork


Here is how Hiking and Teamwork are interlinked:

For example, tent pitching, an activity one will need to do every single evening when you setup camp. We all know how tedious it is to attempt to pitch a tent all by yourself. It does not hurt to have someone lend a helping hand which makes the entire process better, fun and efficient. 

Another example, the camp chores. There is quite a bit of work to be done especially if you have moved to a new campsite. From clearing the campsite, designating cooking/living area, setting up shelters, collecting fire wood, building and maintaining fire, collecting water, cooking, cleaning etc. It is absurd to have everyone doing every single chore by yourself. How about exercising some team work and splitting the responsibilities?

Or perhaps, the most important of all, overcoming obstacles together along the trail. This comes in many forms. From the simplest, motivating each other to complete the hike, to lending or receiving a helping hand at the challenging sections of the trail, to trusting and depending your life on your teammates. Sounds dramatic but it true. Think about situation of first aid evacuation or rapid river crossing. 


In this sense, when we go hiking, we naturally need to rely on others in order to move forward. The environment throw these obstacles in front of you for your expedition team to figure them out. With teamwork, the collection of the strengths of each individual within the expedition makes the team stronger. 



Overcoming Obstacles

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