When You Have Less, You Have More


when you have less, you have more

In today’s society, people are trying to sell you stuff anywhere you go. You are consistently told that you need to own a lot of things. You see “On-going Sales”, “Promotion”, “Discount” everywhere!

This is with a big contrast to what I have learnt in the outdoors. I love the idea of hiking and backpacking. The idea that your entire life, all the things you need are all stored inside a backpack. Because of its limited space, it forces you to think and evaluate what you really need.

When you go through this process, you will soon realise that you can live life and get by with very little. The only 3 basic things you need are warmth, food and shelter. And that is pretty much what everyone packs into their backpacks. If you have some additional space, you can probably afford to bring some additional gadgets and luxury items.

When you can only carry so little things, you are naturally forced to appreciate the simple things in life. You talk to your hiking mates more to understand them better. It forces you connect deeper with the natural environment. What has happened is that you have now essentially eliminated all the unnecessary distractions of modern day environment. When you eliminate them, you make way for these type of connections to happen.

And through my experience, I can say that this has improved the quality of my life. I’ve learnt to prioritise relationships over material needs. I’ve learnt to appreciate the value of a friendship. I learnt to enjoy the flavours of a simple self-cooked meal. It changes you to be a better person.

Henceforth, when you have less, you have more.


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