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A home page revamp is long overdue.  

We launch our initial website in Sept 2015 with only “Share My Hikes“. Ever since we started blogging since Oct 2015, there was a need to revamp the Hikers For Life homepage.

As you can see, or for people who have visited the old home page, the initial design was only catered to put up contents from “Share My Hikes“. There was no mention about “The Blog“. 

This was because right from the beginning, there was no plan to have a blog. We only realised afterwards that our contents are severely limiting should we only be solely sharing contents for “Share My Hikes“. We needed a space beyond “Share My Hikes” to share general hiking information.

Hence, starting a blog make sense and we hastily started one. Our then sole focus is to consistently create contents for the blog. I mean, what the point of having a blog without updates? It is only up until recently we took a step back and take time to re-design the home page. 


What are your thoughts about the new homepage? Is it clear that Hikers For Life site has two distinct area, namely “Share My Hikes” and “The Blog“?    

A website is forever a work in progress project. We would love to hear your comments and suggestion on how we can make the page more user friendly. Write in the comments down below.

HFL Home Page

HFL Home Page Revamp – Feb 2016

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