Bukit Tabur Accidents

A few weeks ago, we share and posted the hiking information of Bukit Tabur – a unique hill formed by a quartz ridge offering panoramic view of the area. 

In our post, we mention the dangers while hiking Bukit Tabur, vertical drop of a few meters at certain section.

This afternoon, an article caught my attention:


Bukit Tabur Accidents



The risk is real and accident of such isn’t the first case. Bukit Tabur accidents are plentiful:

  1. Jan 2014: 28 year old female hiker fell 10 meters and suffer injuries on back, hand and face.
  2. Dec 2013: Science teacher in the 30s tumble down a steep slope and died.
  3. Sept 2013: 51 year old man fell 60ms and suffered serious injuries.
  4. Dec 2012: 27 year old engineer fell 100m but survived with minor injuries on his ankle and waist.
  5. Sept 2009: 51 year old man fell, got trap in a tree branch and got stuck for 5 hours before being rescued.
  6. Mar 2009: Two doctors found dead about 500 meters apart after a falling down a cliff.
  7. Oct 2008: A college student fell 100 meters and suffered serious injuries.


Our advise for hikers?

  1. Be extra careful on trail
  2. Hike with someone experience
  3. Turn around if you are not confident, don’t push it.
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