10 Ways To Sleep Warm At Night


Planning to spend a night up in the mountains? It is very important for you to know how to keep yourself warm. Temperature is colder at the top of the mountain as compared to sea level due to lower air pressure at higher altitude (the higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure, the colder it gets).  

It isn’t fun to brave through the cold night as it will seem endless. I’ve experienced enough of such cold nights and whenever I packed for my hiking trip, almost 70% of my backpack is filled with clothing that will keep me warm for the night.

Here are 10 ways for you to consider keeping yourself warm for the cold nights, so that you can have a comfortable and enjoyable hiking experience! 

  1. Do some light exercises before going to bed
    • Do just enough to warm yourself up before you start perspiring.
    • For example: jumping jacks, push ups 
  2. Have some snacks before bedtime
    • This will keep your body active, as the furnace burning. 
  3. Be well hydrated to stay warm
    • the amount to be consumed depends on you
    • If you need to get up early in the morning, drink lots of water before bedtime to serve as a natural alarm clock for you
    • If nature calls, get up and go as holding it will make you colder. 
  4. Fill up your bottle with hot water
    • it can help to warm up your sleeping bag
  5. It’s all about layering. Wear more layers and avoid cold and damp clothes
    • Having at least 3 layers to bed is always good
    • Base layer (t-shirt and thermals will be good
    • Mid-layer (Fleece sweaters)
    • Outer layer (waterproof breathable jacket)
    • Wear a new set of clothes to sleep 
  6. Wear a hat
    • to keep our head warm as we lose heat easily from our heads
  7. Wear thick pairs of socks
    • wool socks or loose fleece socks will be good
  8. Put on your gloves
    • hands, legs and head are areas that we can lose heat easily. 
    • Keep them warm will help to keep your body warm too.  
  9. Keep your nose and mouth outside the sleeping bag
    • breathing into the sleeping bag will make the bag and clothes damp by the moisture from our breathe
  10. Insulate yourself from the ground
    • Use an insulating mat

Always be prepared for it by researching more about the mountain you are going to scale. 

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Never bring too little for a more comfortable night!

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