Rainbow Waterfalls

SUMMARY Rainbow waterfalls is located in the town of Sungei Lembing, 45km northwest of Kuantan, Peninsular Malaysia. When the weather conditions are favourable, a spectacular rainbow can be seen at the main waterfalls. The rainbow is caused by the sun shining at the correct angle to the waterfall’s mist.     TRANSPORTATION To get to Sungai […]

Broga Hill - Share My Hikes | Hikers For Life

Broga Hill

Oct 17 Updates: Broga Hill is temporary closed for restoration works till further notice. Source. SUMMARY Broga Hill is located in the town of Semenyih, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia. It is also known as Bukit Lalang or Bukit Broga. Standing at 400m tall,  it is a relatively simple hike which offers a panoramic view of the […]

Gunung Belumut

SUMMARY Gunung Belumut stands at 1010 meters tall and is located near the state of Kluang, Johor, Peninsular Malaysia.     TRANSPORTATION Gunung Belumut is about 18km from the town of Kluang. The entrance to Gunung Belumut is located at GPS location: 2.066675, 103.525479 (maps). For drivers, there are proper parking lots available at the […]

Gunung Stong - Gunung Ayam - Gunung Baha

Gunung Stong

Other Peaks: Gunung Ayam / Gunung Baha / Stong Waterfall   SUMMARY Gunung stong (1422m) is located within the Gunung Stong state park, in Kelantan, Penisular Malaysia. Within the Gunung Stong state park, there are two other peaks which are Gunung Ayam (1504m) and Gunung Baha (1309m). The state park is home to one of the highest […]

Gunung Lambak

SUMMARY Gunung Lambak is a mountain located in Peninsular Malaysia, the state of Kluang, Johor. It stands at 510m tall, offering a view of Kluang Town at the summit.     TRANSPORTATION It is unclear if there is public transportation to the foot of the mountain. For drivers, Gunung Lambak is located at 2.027163, 103.357568 (maps). Getting […]


  • Why we do, What we do

    Why we do, What we do

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    WHY WE LOVE HIKING? It is kind of already reflected in our name, Hikers For Life. We have been hiking for more than 10 years and have the intention to continue our hiking passion for the rest of our lives. So, why do we love hiking so much? Here are some of our reasons: We […]Continue Reading »
  • The Most Important Hiking Consideration, EVER

    The Most Important Hiking Consideration, EVER

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    The level of satisfaction from completing a hike varies from one person to another. Usually satisfaction level will depend on if weather is nice during your hike, or the scenery that you see at the summit, or the group of friends you’re with or even the speed that you have hiked. For me, none of […]Continue Reading »
  • Gunung Baling Hiking

    Gunung Baling Hiking

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    While randomly browsing Instagram pictures of fellow hikers, i came across the hashtag #gunungbaling and was stoked to find these beautiful pictures.   Gunung Baling is a hike located in Kedah, which isn’t one of those nearby hikes where we can just head over for a weekend. Kedah is 700+ km away from Singapore, and even if you drive […]Continue Reading »
  • Three Thing I Learnt About Myself While Hiking

    Three Thing I Learnt About Myself While Hiking

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    To those who have never hike before, one may think that hiking is about going to a particular destination, for example: climbing up a particular mountain. When one experiences hiking first hand, you will soon realise that hiking is a journey, a process and often, an opportunity to discover, understand and learn more about yourself. […]Continue Reading »
  • Hiking With A Special Need Kids

    Hiking With A Special Need Kids

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    I was hiking down the Eorimok trail on Mt. Hallasan in Jeju and chanced upon a late 30s female hiking with a Teenager with Down syndrome. As their speed was similar to my group, we keep seeing each other on the trail whereby we overtook them, subsequently they overtook us and the process kept repeating. […]Continue Reading »